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Real-time visibility of the progress and compliance of field workers.

Field Mobility & Visibility

Our system makes the plan - and real time progress against that plan - available to all stakeholders in real-time via a security filtered web interface. In addition to this, our system is able to generate automatic notifications via sms and/or email to internal or external stakeholders, making sure that expectations are optimally managed.

All activity is GPS time and location stamped and includes:

  • Job Status e.g. 'Loaded', 'Started', 'Complete'
  • Detailed Proof of Delivery
  • Signature & Photos
  • Product tracking (e.g. barcode, QR Code, RFID, NFC etc.)
  • GPS positional tracking
  • Exception reporting on progress against the plan
  • Fatigue notifications and alerts
  • ... and more

Visibility and notifications are applicable to both the planning phase as well as the operational phase. For example once the plan is finalised, email and or sms notifications can be sent to the customers automatically to give them an expectation of service times. At the same time drivers are alerted to their plan for the next shift on their mobile device. Customer service can easily view where a customer service is likely to occur via the web interface when responding to a customer query.

Once the shift has started, real-time progress can be monitored via the web interface, whilst updates and warnings can be automatically generated. For example the email generated by the planning phase may have set an expectation for the customer that the service would happen within a 2 hour window. Once the driver completes the service preceding that job the system auto generates an sms to advise the customer that the field worker is en-route and provide them with a more accurate and convenient time window update. Customer service can also pro-actively monitor possible future issues. For example they would be notified that a worker is likely to be late for his next job. On closer inspection of the rest of that workers shift, the customer service staff is able to anticipate possible issues later in the day and take the appropriate action to remedy.

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What people say about SmartTrans

The system initially helped us with strategic planning for the future. Post implementation, the system also ensured that the strategic business targets and customer service levels were achieved and sustained in the field.

We were also pleased that we were able to realise the promised cost savings.

Michael McGuire, Amcor