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SmartTrans Limited is the Australian born-and-bred arm of the ASX listed entity SmartTrans Holdings LTD (ASX.SMA)

About Us

SmartTrans Limited is the Australian born-and-bred arm of the ASX listed entity SmartTrans Holdings LTD (ASX.SMA). [ Click here to visit our International / Investor site.].

Whilst we are affiliated via our parent company with our sibling operation in Asia (based in Beijing China), each of these companies provides different solutions to their respective customer base. Despite leveraging shared technical knowledge bases and relevant economies of scale, each entity operates essentially independently to develop solutions that are most valuable to their respective markets.

SmartTrans Australia has over two decades of local experience in delivering technical solutions that enable transport and field service industries to improve their key KPI's whilst simultaneously achieving maximum efficiency and reduced costs. The majority of our client base in the ANZ region is serviced out of either our Melbourne or Sydney offices.

SmartTrans initially developed expertise in GIS and location based technologies to support its mining interests in the early 90's. The technology that was developed then was rapidly extended and commercialised to suit the wider logistics market. More recently we have been increasingly servicing a rapidly expanding customer base in the field services market. The company has since divested itself of all mining interests in order to focus on developing and delivering the technology required to drive this dynamic sector.

SmartTrans offers the Australian market the only modern solution of its kind, integrating:

  • State of the art scheduling system with advanced management of time, resources and customer service level requirements.
  • Web interface enabling multiple internal and external stakeholders to get real time view of both the planned schedule as well as how field operations are tracking against that schedule.
  • Mobility software enabling field workers with real time access to the planned schedule as well as automatic real-time variations in the field.
  • Notification engine that facilitates automatic notification to internal or external stakeholders when certain conditions are met. (e.g. automatic sms to next customer when field worker has completed previous job)
  • Office workers gain improved accuracy as well as instantaneous access to data collected in the field.
  • Safety and compliance requirements are incorporated into the system providing workers with a safer environment in the field. The system notifies workers in the field when a compliance event is approaching, and what needs to be done. Notification of compliance failures are sent to the appropriate parties to allow for the appropriate action to be taken at the earliest possible time.

SmartTrans also provides expert consulting services and can customise solutions to your specific requirements.

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The system initially helped us with strategic planning for the future. Post implementation, the system also ensured that the strategic business targets and customer service levels were achieved and sustained in the field.

We were also pleased that we were able to realise the promised cost savings.

Michael McGuire, Amcor