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    We are SmartTrans
    Experts in scheduling &
    monitoring systems.
    The SmartTrans system provides customers with unprecedented control over transport
    & field service workers. Managers are able to improve compliance AND customer service levels
    at the lowest operational cost.

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Some of the industries our Systems are implemented in:

Field Services
Online / Home Deliveries
Waste Management

SmartTrans Holdings Ltd

SmartTrans Holdings Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX.SMA) and is the holding company for the group’s operations in Australia, Hong Kong and China. The group’s operating companies include:

  • SmartTrans Limited;
  • SmartTrans (HK) Limited; and
  • SmartTrans Technology (Beijing) Company Limited.

Each of these companies provide mobile and internet-based software solutions to their respective customer bases in Australia and China, leveraging shared technical knowledge bases and resources to achieve relevant economies of scale. Each entity operates to develop and deliver solutions to meet the needs of their respective markets.

SmartTrans Australia has over two decades of local experience in delivering technical solutions that enable transport and field service industries to improve their key KPI criteria whilst simultaneously achieving maximum efficiency and reduced costs. The majority of our client base in the ANZ region is serviced out of either our Melbourne or Sydney offices.

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What people say about SmartTrans

SmartTrans was expected to help take out significant costs from our fleet operations and enable it to run efficiently and effectively. I’m pleased to say that as a result of adopting the SmartTrans system, we not only achieved the anticipated benefits, but also managed a payback on the initial investment in less than three months - and more benefits continue to flow through.

Denis Grose
Logistics Manager
Fairfax Media